Sustainable Development
Education alone cannot bring changes unless there is sufficient scope for employment and income generation opportunities. FES facilitated the self-employment process to make the poor men and women economically self-reliant and help them attain a respectable social standing. This programme was initiated with the help of micro-credit both in urban and rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. Income generation includes agriculture, livestock, fisheries, sericulture, and apiculture, regeneration of environment through nursery, social forestry, small trading, cottage industry, hawking and many other nature of business, which generates income for the poor at the same time.

For empowerment of people’s initiatives and organization: FES encouraged the poor to build basic groups of SHG’s and network of SHG’s at the block and district levels, so that they can fight united against the forces of under development and poverty. SHG groups are expending from block to block and district to district with the support of NGO’s. FES also helped built a strong network of small NGO’s, in order to strengthen the groups, FES offered various human and skill development training to the rural and urban groups to build their capacity and raise their level of awareness so that they can become the active participants in their own community development. Several courses are organized during the year for enhancing the level of consciousness.

Women’s empowerment: In support to that, Generating income for the family, women played an important role, which FES encouraged to implement the programme successfully. Besides that, FES worked diligently to reduce gender disparity at its own home and in the society at large. In all spare of FES activities women became the primary focus.

Rainwater harvest: The rainwater-harvesting project launched in the beginning of the year 2009 and going on. To excavate and re-excavate the pond for rainwater harvest in the Bundelkhand region where water for any use is the major crisis. Not only for drinking but also for the use of agriculture, animal feeding and domestic uses. On the other hand, people are not aware of the water management or to store water for the various purposes.
In this case, FES organizes several awareness camp, seminar and has produced the reading materials on water management. Rainwater harvest activities create employment, food security and other multifarious activities for the people to improve their livelihood. Activities like vegetable Cultivation, fishery, duckers, and plantation increases the life in the family to generate income opportunities. Also the member of the family gets access of water for their daily domestic uses.

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