Health & Environment Improvement
FES initiated health education, primary and secondary health care and health infrastructure development activities, such as conducting of health awareness campaign, running of clinics, hospitals, providing ambulance services, management of pulse-polio and routine immunization campaign and distribution of de-worming tablets to control intestinal parasite for school going children in our project area. FES also works to provide low-cost latrines, clean and pucca roads, ponds, catch water dams and also general infrastructure development of villages Foundation for Environment and Sanitation also organizes solid waste management, providing safe drinking water, campaign against arsenic contamination were the key activities undertaken to support and good health campaign for the poor.

Sanitary Latrine: Poor sanitation and lack of sanitary latrine are another big problem and challenges in the rural areas. 98% people use open field for the defecation, which are the major causes for fesses–to-mouth and other water borne and communicable diseases. In order to prevent them, FES has started construction of latrines for each family. FES has target to provide 50,000 latrine slabs by the next coming years. This programme is also creating an employment opportunities for the local mason and plumbers.

Solid waste Management: Though FES‘s main thrust is rural development; it is also implemented urban environment improvement and poverty alleviation by conducting several activities in the city of Lucknow. Slum improvement and pavement dwellers and homeless people of Lucknow remain the primary target of FES. People who lived there are provided with employment generation activities along with education, health, sanitation and resettlement activities, and solid waste management created tremendous scope of job opportunity for the poor rag pickers and of the urban poor. FES is implementing all the activities successfully, since the year …….. In order to run the vast activities of FES requires financial help from urban bodies development banks and multiple donors; motivation; training and sustainable plan without which this unique programme just cannot survive. Therefore, FES emphasizes on staff development, introduction of information technology system and long term sustainable approach to its programmes.

FES becomes one of the major players in providing waste management services in and around Lucknow. More and more private companies and corporate houses are taking our services. Not only for waste management but also for maintaining their housekeeping, security and by providing transports services. As part of our campaign within the business community, civil society and among the corporate sector towards social responsibility, many of them are coming forward to take this service in order to help and generate employment opportunities and complete control of engagement of child labor. The profits earned from the services are used for different education programmes run by FES.

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