Community Assistance and Relief
School building: Each of the FES’s School in the community is repaired before the monsoon, new furniture’s and fittings are supplied to several schools. Floors, doors and windows are fixed. This work done after the request made by the local bodies.

House repair: FES helped 100 families to repair their houses during the monsoon. They are provided tiles, bamboos and other building materials to repair the houses; some houses are made concrete with bricks. Many mud houses has been helped to make concrete floor to prevent damp, snake/rat holes, etc. and keep the house clean. At the time of disasters, 150 Polythene sheets were distributed to the poor family to cover the roof of the house.

Old age Support: FES is running an old age home for aged persons at ……….. FES has found 500 old persons above 60 years who are neglected by their families and throughout without food and medicine from the project areas in the Western Uttar Pradesh. Some of them are sleeping on the pavement and begging door to door for food. Most of them are tortured and isolated from the society. Nobody helps them even the State Government is not taking care of these old persons.

Development Tourism: Development Tourism is organized by FES to create awareness among the foreign and national tourist regarding the environment improvement and employment creation through development tourism. FES creates the opportunity for the tourist to discover the real situation and find out the options for development activities for the underprivileged. The earning from the programme goes to build latrines, tube wells, housing and schools for the community. Tourists and students of different country come for field placement and development Tourism. NGO workers from other countries also visit FES to learn about the Panchayat system in Uttar Pradesh.

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