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Foundation for Environment and Sanitation (FES) is an NGO registered in Delhi under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It is involved in developing sustainable technologies, preparation of proposals, their implementation, monitoring & evaluation, policy research, training & capacity building, and consultancy in the fields of sanitation, septage management, biogas from human wastes and other biodegradable wastes, decentralized waste water treatment and solid wastes management in urban and rural areas in India and abroad. The organization is also involved in livelihood development training & support activities, empowering youths, women and Self Help Groups formulation to help improve livelihood with improved sanitation and environment. The organization has well experienced and expertise in the fields to handle the projects and consultancies in the related fields. The broad objectives of the Foundation are:

i. i. To help communities and local governments to improve sanitation, proper management of waste water, septage, and solid wastes and generation and utilization of biogas from available biodegradable feed materials in a family and community.

ii. Formulate integrated programmes for effective mobilization of human and natural resources for empowering to the poor of urban and rural areas towards sustainable development.

iii. To raise and create awareness and opportunities for providing basic human rights such as education, health, hygiene, nutrition, sanitation, water, infrastructure facilities, employment generation, waste management, social forestry, water management, capacity building and skill development training activities; ecological agriculture for food security to ensure sustainable development.

iv. Coordination and execution of development plans, projects and human rights issues with other NGOs and GOs at various levels throughout India and International NGOs, Human Rights organizations.

Foundation for Environment and Sanitation (FES) is an effort to give collective voice to the experiences, achievements, sufferings, hardships and togetherness of poor. FES acts as a platform, a net work and an association of people's initiatives to provide opportunities to mobilize human and material resources so that the people themselves can build their own institution and able to sustain in order to alleviate their own poverty and security. Collectivity, transparency and sustainability are the motto of FES ever since its inception and through collective democratic action it has been successfully demonstrated.

FES undertook a comprehensive education programme known as 'Basic Education for all' to provide functional Pre-primary, Primary, Higher Secondary, Adult Education, Skill training support & teaching aid & scholarship support to the urban & rural children, youth & adults. 15000 children are provided regular support.

To improve the Environment, our organization has also taken up more effective programmes in the rural areas to provide safe drinking water, sanitary latrines, social forestry, ecological agriculture and rainwater harvest activities for sustainable economy.

Relief, Rehabilitation and livelihood development work of FES has done additional work to extend its activities in other States of India after Tsunami.

FES has initiated a network of small grass root level NGO's in Uttar Pradesh. 50 NGO's are members of the "Uttar Pradesh Forum for NGOs" .

The execution process is affected through Village Education Committees / Women's organization in consultation with Field workers of Foundation for Environment and Sanitation who has necessary expertise and experience. Assets thus created at the village level belong to the community.

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