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Foundation for Environment and Sanitation is committed to restore health and environment and poverty alleviation in communities through sustainable and improved sanitation, waste management, biogas generation and utilization, training, capacity building, involvement of community and Self Help Groups to improve sanitation and livelihood. Improvement of environmental sanitation has been a challenging task in India. It is mainly due to lack of safe disposal of human wastes in many urban cities as well as in rural areas. It is estimated that well over 600 million Indians continue to lack access to even the most basic of sanitation facilities forcing them to defecate in the open. This constitutes over half of the global burden and it is a major factor why the global MDG target for sanitation appears unlikely to be met. Management of solid and liquid wastes in urban as well as in rural areas has been one of the neglected areas. The problem of low sanitation coverage is a socio- economic and technical issue. It needs adequate awareness involving community, availability of sustainable technologies and supported by local government under different programmes. It can neither be solved by community in isolation or by the government alone. A cohesive and synergistic approach by communities, NGOs and local government is required to overcome the problems. Sustainable technologies with health and environmental benefits and economic generation through waste management need to be demonstrated at community level for their acceptance.
Rainwater harvest
The rainwater-harvesting project launched in the beginning of the year 2009 and going on. To excavate and re-excavate the pond for rainwater harvest in the Bundelkhand region where water
Solid waste Management
FES's main thrust is rural development; it is also implemented urban environment improvement and poverty alleviation by conducting several activities in the city of Lucknow.
For empowerment of people's initiatives and organization:
encouraged the poor to build basic groups of SHG's and network of SHG's at the block and district levels,
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